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Prada family, which has been in the Metal and Wrought Iron industry for more than 50 years, offers its latest technology products to the world market with NARGESA; It also makes a name for itself with its quality and reliability. It revises its products in line with the ever-changing needs of the sector and carries out 100% production at its facilities in Spain, up to the electrical card. This valuable brand is now rolling up its sleeves to add strength to the power of the Turkish Industry with its Turkey office. The company, which achieves important works with its expert staff of 35 people and supports its own manufacturing quality with the most valuable metal processing machines in its sector, aims to serve you, valuable Turkish companies, with its 3-year product guarantee, 24/7 service and the products it keeps ready in its constant stock. launched its office. As NARGESA for Turkey that produces, we will always be with you and we will continue on our way without stopping.

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At Prada Nargesa we design and manufacture our whole range of industrial machinery in our facilities and under strict quality controls. Our technicians will advise you to find the machine you need!


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We arrange shipment anywhere in the world.

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Register your machine on the web and get a 3-year guarantee on our entire range of machinery.


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